About Chris Lang

chris-seated-sq Chris holds a Degree in Economics from Monash University; plus he is a Valuer, Real Estate Agent, Auctioneer, and Land Economist.

Since the mid-70s, Chris has been a regular key-note speaker at a wide range of business conferences and seminars around Australia.

And it is from here (and his several websites) that most high-income and high net-worth Clients have sought out his help in acquiring Commercial Investment property.

Chris is also the author or co-author of 6 sell-out books on Property; plus a book for students, which he co-authored with his daughter Binny, entitled “Your Future Success”. His latest book with Martin Roth … “How Investing in Commercial Property Really Works” sold so well, that it went straight into its 2nd Edition — and recently, a further Reprint.

In addition, he has also written and published detailed home-study courses on “Mastering Commercial Property”, as well as “Negotiating Secrets Revealed”.

Being the third generation in real estate in his family, Chris followed in the footsteps of his grandfather, Gideon (who actually founded the firm Gardner & Lang in 1913) and his father, Deon.

However, Chris quickly developed his own style and expertise — designed to help you as an Investor in Commercial property. And it is his ability to identify (and convert) opportunities in overlooked niche markets, which has helped many of his Clients enjoy some truly profitable outcomes.

As such, you will find him to be a top negotiator — always ready to explore creative solutions … to help you take the tough decisions sometimes needed to achieve those profitable outcomes.

All of this has lead to Chris’ popular full-day Client Workshops becoming a regular event. And it’s here that he shares his unique 9-Step Investment Formula for Commercial Property Success.

In May 2005, Chris sold his business to GrayJohnson — running their Acquisition Division until June 2009 … while ‘bedding down’ all his property management clients.

This has now freed Chris up to establish Property Edge Australia … allowing him to spend more time being a Mentor, Coach and Adviser — for Commercial investors, both here and from overseas.

And interestingly, other major Commercial agencies around Australia are now seeking his advice … on how to implement those ‘patented’ Web Marketing strategies Chris has developed and refined over the past 15 years.

Contact details

Phone:     (03) 9005 8060
     0425 791 254